The 2018 Meeting of the EPCS will be in Rome, Italy, on April 11-14, 2018.

  • Organizer: Gilberto Turati (Catholic University, Rome)
  • Conference webpage
  • Decisions regarding the acceptance of papers were communicated on 15 January 2018.
  • Early bird registration closes on 31 January.


The 2017 meeting of the EPCS was in Budapest on April 19-22, 2017:

  • 235 papers presented (out of 407 submissions)
  • Election of a new president (Francisco Veiga) and of three new board members (Niclas Berggren, Monika Köppl-Turyna, Raphaël Franck)
  • Wicksell prize winner: Matteo Alpino (for the paper “On the Electoral Effectiveness of Pre-election Policy Promises”).



Pictures of the 2017 meeting in Budapest, by Daniel Vegel and Michael Dorsch.